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Why Use a Professional Company For Your Printing Needs?

We all know that if you want a business to be successful, the first step is promoting it in order to draw in new customers. While there a multiple ways to do this, most still fall back on good old reliable custom signs and other printed materials. In today’s world it seems like everyone has a printer or decal maker or knows someone who does. While this is great and convenient for smaller jobs, when it comes to business advertising and marketing, it is important to use professional printoncollins.com.au.

The vast majority of companies have a printer in their office they use for printing invoices, office memos, and any other basic everyday business needs. Most think, “Oh, I’ve got a good printer, I can save money and make my own flyers”. PLEASE DON’T! I do not just say this as a printer; I say this because I want to help you. Most home and office printers are meant for everyday use, they are not meant for high quality, professional grade printing. By using a professional printing company, you are guaranteed a high quality product because this is what they do; they know what will work and what materials and equipment to use. A high quality print is important because these materials, whether they be flyers brochures or business cards, are the first look into your business for many customers and a poor quality print reflect poorly on your business.

While I understand the appeal of using your own printer (convenience, cost efficient, time saver), when you add it all up there is not much difference in pricing. Using the average computer each page you print costs approximately 11 cents per full color page, add in the cost of paper, and the hourly wage of one of your employees for completing the task it would cost around $85 for 500 copies. If you go to vistaprint.com you can get the same amount for only $2 more and they are shipped right to your door, all you have to do is spend 10 minutes designing and ordering. Chances are, your local print shop will have an even better deal for you and you can have that employee who would have wasted an hour printing doing more efficient things for your company.