Help for Elderly Home Owners

If elderly homeowners are to remain independent while in their home, they, or responsible family members must perform, within their capability, the majority of all home repairs. Additionally, they must see to all the necessary maintenance and modifications to keep the home and property safe, sanitary, accessible and comfortable Dalys Plastering Contractors.

For many elderly home owners, making electrical, plumbing and carpentry repairs, as well as making barrier free modifications, is no small order. Family members know quite well that help for elderly home owners has become a serious concern, especially in face of diminishing government assistance programs.

Where help for the elderly is needed

Depending on the condition of the home, common maintenance items for the elderly include porch or deck repairs, fixing damaged gutters or downspouts, roof repair, accessible ramp construction, bathroom safety and accessibility modifications, and installing wheel chair accessible lifts.

These repairs are in additional to the usual range of routine electrical, carpentry, drywall/plaster work, plumbing, heating and cooling system repairs. Add to that list the ongoing yard work and home security issues, and you might find yourself facing a major home repair task.

One area that elderly help is often needed is plumbing repairs. These typically include unclogging a bathtub drain, fixing a sink pop-up stopper or repairing a leaking toilet. With some home plumbing repair knowledge and tools, most elderly homeowners can make such plumbing repairs without a problem.

Safety improvements for the elderly homeowners include installing bathroom grab bars, carbon monoxide, smoke and fire detectors, replacement door locks, and installing improved energy efficient lighting. For the most part, these are relatively easy Do It Yourself projects that most homeowners can make without calling for outside assistance.

Health & Safety issues, such as furnace and water heater replacement, are major concern, partially due to the expense involved. If significant repairs such as replacing a faulty furnace or water heater, it would be best to obtain the services of a qualified and fully licensed home service company.

It is advisable to leave more extensive improvements or those requiring building permits or licensing to trusted family members or professionals with expertise in that area. Some examples of these repairs are energy saving improvements like repairing or replacing furnaces, making structural repairs to foundations and roofs, installing energy saving insulation and windows.

With an aging homeowner population and the goal of keeping the elderly homeowners in their homes, there is plenty of work ahead. In many communities that are conscious of the need to help the elderly, volunteer and tax-subsidized government programs are helping. However there is still a lot of work to be done to help the elderly live comfortably in their home.

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