6 Mistakes To Avoid When Decorating Minimalist Apartments

Minimalist apartment design styles such as Kopar Newton condo is one of the most appropriate design style choices for use in an apartment. Besides being able to make the apartment more spacious, minimalist design is also one of the concepts that are loved by urbanites. So in decorating it must be considered appropriately, because if it is wrong in the arrangement of the d├ęcor the decoration makes the dwelling farther away from the coveted comfort. Here are some of the mistakes that are often found when decorating minimalist dwellings.

Keep Furniture Out of the Wall
Giving distance between the wall and furniture can indeed make the room seem more spacious. However, if the area is limited, do not force to put furniture away from the wall. This will only make the room look more narrow and can also make the room look cluttered.

Too Many Displays
Displays that are hung on the walls usually decorate the room in a minimalist style. But if there are too many displays, the room will look messy and can disturb the view.

Leaving Messy Cables
In the middle of a modern world, it is no wonder that inside the house will be equipped with various electronic equipment. Electronic equipment is certainly equipped with cables, and if not tidied up properly, the messy cables can interfere with the beauty of the room.

Thick and Heavy Curtains
The use of curtains that are too thick can cause light to not be able to enter the room even though it is daytime. So, avoid using curtains that are too thick and heavy. This is to make sunlight can enter easily and choose curtains that are not thick. Thick curtains have difficulty in maintenance, one of which is difficult to clean and wash.

Do not use the concept of a clear decoration
Before decorating a minimalist apartment, set a mature concept to make it easier to choose furniture and accessories. How, for each room geometrically according to function. Make sure every corner of the room has its function so that later it can determine a suitable design.

Paint Color and Lighting
Mistakes of decoration that many do not care about are the color of paint and lighting in the room. Don’t make mistakes in decorating walls and especially lamps. Mistakes in-wall coloring often occur when you hit wall colors resulting in colors that are too dark.

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