Cheek Augmentation – Improves Facial Appearance

Slack, thin or flat cheeks reduce the aesthetic appeal of the face. Lack of skin tone can result in the formation of wrinkles and fine lines which may be misinterpreted by some as signs of aging. Plastic surgeons who specialize in treating this case specific condition have the right solution to this harassing problem, namely, cheek augmentation. Cheek augmentation improves facial appearance by giving your face better volume and definition. It is a delicate cosmetic procedure which requires immense skill on behalf of the performing plastic surgeon. In the US alone, a number of people–especially women–undergo this cosmetic procedure every year. Improved techniques and superior medical standards of operating ensure quality results with little or no cause for complaints learn this.

Those interested in undergoing cheek augmentation have two options–fat grafting also known as fat transfer, and implants. Patients who opt for fat grafting see noticeable difference in the general shape of their face. Fat is harvested from the patient’s own body and injected to add the required mass for smooth and supple cheeks. The only drawback of this procedure is that the results are not always permanent. The fat may be absorbed by the body. However one can see long lasting results if the treatment is carried out successfully by the plastic surgeon with utmost care and attention.

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